“The best, and maybe only, real trade show jugglers.” – Penn Jillette, The Bigger, Louder Half of Penn & Teller

“The smartest investment we ever made in a trade show.” – Richard Sherman, Supply Chain Solutions Manager, Microsoft

“Funny, entertaining, and precisely relevant material.” – Douglas Spiron, General Manager, Home Depot Interiors

“I would not do a sales meeting now without Scott and Katrine.” – Martin Forbes, VP of Sales, Siemens OCS

“Even our engineers say: ‘These guys really know what they’re talking about.’ “ – Yukari Ohno, Senior Director of Marketing, Apache Design Solutions

“We had the biggest crowds on the entire trade show floor … .” – Michael Sanie, VP of Marketing & Business Development, Calypto

“We would not have had all these people … if we did not have Comedy Industries.” – Bo Memhave, General Manager, NNE Pharmaplan of America

“A must do for our next big event.” – Gary Brooks, EVP of Marketing, Bomgar

“They understand our products better than any of the other vendors we’ve used in the past.” – Kevin White, Director of Product Marketing, Ditech Networks

“You guys understand our products and our messaging better than we do!” – Giannina Espinoza, Marketing Events Manager, Ditech Networks

“Professional, knowledgeable, and most of all: fun to work with!” – Catherine Kreutzer, Marketing Manager, Verisign

“It was great working with you and Katrine again. I just adore you guys.” – Donna Alfred, Corporate Strategic Planning Manager, HP

“You are amazing!” – Amy Downing, Trade Show Manager, Brocade

“First rate.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“The world’s best.” – Los Angeles Times